Aang Trends as Fans Debate Best Nickelodeon Shows

Avatar: The Last Airbender was trending on social media this weekend as Nickelodeon fans picked their favorite shows. A post from AuxGod asked Nick fans for their Mount Rushmore of the network. They picked Rugrats, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Fairly Oddparents. Not a terrible list, but the Avatar fans wanted some answers as to why Aang’s bald head was not represented among these greats. To be fair, each of these programs helped propel Nickelodeon into another stratosphere. However, among all ages, it’s clear that The Last Airbender is a property that simply won’t quit. It’s been years now and we’re getting the second live-action remake of the show. There has to be some argument for how the tale of Aang conquering the Fire Lord with compassion still rattles around in the heads of most of the Internet.

Last year, I spoke to Dante Basco for Comicbook.com and he was absolutely floored by the fan response to this show that still continues to this day.

“Yeah I think it kind of blew up out of nowhere, which is great and unexpected,” Basco explained. “But it really goes to show you: A, the power of Netflix, and B, the power of a really good project that kind of lasted over the years now. And it’s like you said, it may be more popular than when it was first out.”

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