Amphibia Season 2 Streaming on Disney+

Amphibia Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+ and fans are celebrating its arrival on the service. Just a while after that big season finale with “True Colors”, you can stream all of Anne’s adventures on the platform. Matt Braly talked about the release with fans on Twitter today. It’s been a big day for a fandom that has had to deal with the anticipation of Season 3 and the hype of this last collection of episodes coming to an end. Disney is hoping for a massive audience as the last third of the show gets underway. It seems like a sure bet if they’re going to host Amphibia on Disney+. talked to the creator about sequential storytelling, “The design of the show is a blend of episodic and serialized storytelling. And for a show like this, it actually is not really designed to be binged all at once. It’s designed to be enjoyed over time. There’s a long-form story arc that is playing underneath these self-contained stories,” Braly explained. “So the whole goal is that every week you can enjoy a little adventure, but over the course of the season, as it rolls out, you can piece together this much bigger story. And I believe that this kind of rollout, this kind of airing of a TV show, breeds a real connection to the audience, a real relationship.”

He also mentioned, “We saw that earlier this year, or I guess last year with The Mandalorian, where a show that was coming out weekly, we were on the edge of our seat. We loved it because we felt like we had something to look forward to every week. There was a slower pace and we didn’t feel this kind of — we can’t help ourselves. When we have 20 episodes in front of us, we often will watch them all. I’m incredibly guilty of this myself.”

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