Anker's new Solix home energy storage includes a modular solar battery system

Anker has entered the home energy market with the release of its Solix range of products, which features a modular battery storage system similar to Tesla’s Powerwall. The modular battery system is set to go global in 2024 and can supply 5kWh to 180kWh of power, making it scalable to different sizes of homes. It will use lithium iron phosphate batteries and operate within a temperature range of -20C to 55C. The system will allow homeowners to have backup power and will be compatible with various home energy equipment, including heat pumps and generators. Anker has yet to release pricing details for the system. The company also launched the Solarbank E1600 battery pack which is designed for apartments and condos. It works with solar panels and is modular, available in sizes from 1.6kWh to 3.2kWh.

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