Any Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Bot?

Hello, i am thinking about buying a Pump and Dump Bot for Binance & Kucoin exchanges, does anyone know a legit working one that is not a scan, i tried searching the topic on BHW but had no luck… Ty!
Well for example I saw people on Pump And Dump Groups, talking about Pump and Dump bots which scrape the discord group for Coin Pairs and buy/sell as you predefined set them up. By the way, I don’t know if this topic is allowed on the Forum, so if not, pls PM and ill delete it. Thank you…
its actually a good idea if this bot dosent exist yet. You take a part in pump and dump and with bot you are just faster than the other bumpers and if you set some reasonable sell limit then with bot that can be faster than human hands makes you atleast +100% with every pump and dump that is happening in these groups. Today i just watched one pump and dump happenin in kucoin, got information about it in discord and it was like 3 seconds to reach +200%, but with bot it would be pretty decent way to overplay these guys who buy by hand