Apple lets users see family members’ Health data

Apple will let people share the data from their Health app with family members or others, the company announced. It’s one of a new slate of heath features for iPhone.

With permission, someone can share access to their overall heart rate and movement data. They’ll also be able to share access to alerts like a high heart rate or change in mobility. The person they’re sharing the data with can message them directly about any changes.

Apple is also adding another health metric, called walking steadiness, to the Health app. It will use mobility data already collected by the iPhone to monitor for any changes to factors like balance or walking patterns, and will tell users if they’re at an increased risk of falling. The app will also include some exercises to help increase steadiness. The company says it built the system using data collected through a clinical study that included over 100,000 participants at all ages.

Users will now also be able to share their Health app data with their doctors. Physicians already regularly have patients bringing readouts from their devices into appointments. The integration will let people transfer that data more directly. Apple said the feature will start off with support from six electronic medical record companies in the United States, including Cerner and Athenahealth.

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