Apple Unveils $3,500 ‘Vision Pro’ AR/VR Headset During WWDC Keynote, Will Launch in US Early 2024 – TouchArcade

Apple has finally revealed their latest computing platform, the AR/VR headset device called the Apple Vision Pro. With the hopes of bringing VR to the mainstream, Apple is aiming for the same success that they brought with the iPhone and the iPad. Though there has been a lot of hype about VR being the “next big thing” for over a decade, it has yet to catch on as a mainstream market. The Vision Pro is expected to offer a unique experience compared to the headsets available today, but it still begs the question of its necessity. The $3,500 price tag makes it a hefty investment for most consumers. Moreover, the headset’s design may not be comfortable for extended use and seems impractical in social settings. In comparison, AirPods were also met with criticism initially but have since become a norm for wireless earbuds. The Vision Pro is considered more of an AR headset with VR capability, and its design takes into account users’ surroundings and even displays their eye expressions for others to see, which some may find creepy. During the reveal, there was a surprising lack of mention of gaming, except for playing Apple Arcade games on a virtual screen and a partnership with Unity for AR/VR games. The Vision Pro is set to launch in the US early in 2024.

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