Apple’s Approach to AI: A Different Ballgame

There are two flavors of Silicon Valley; one where tech companies chase trends and the other where Apple resides. In Cupertino, where the company spends years perfecting its products, short-term tech buzz is negligible. The former, however, has hundreds of tech firms chasing the money without fully understanding what they are getting themselves into.

Google is part of the first Silicon Valley and the company recently demonstrated its hyped-up AI capabilities in its Google I/O keynote by repeatedly mentioning the term—99 times in 2 hours to be precise. The AI buzz is so high that even VR/AR headsets, which were considered outdated, are now being produced. In contrast, Apple launched their latest VR/AR headset without mentioning AI once in its WWDC keynote.

It’s not that Apple doesn’t use AI; it’s that the company doesn’t consider it as something to hype about. During the WWDC presentation, Apple software chief Craig Federighi only used the phrase “machine learning” seven times, even though AI utilizes machine learning to function. By not mentioning the term, Apple is doing its part to alleviate consumer fears about the new tech. The average consumer is concerned about their privacy as tech companies across the Silicon Valley continue to try and sell their data. Apple aims to let the tech giants fight for AI superiority while Apple places its focus on quality and security.

While the AI hype train continues, Apple chooses to quietly focus on its playbook of perfecting already existing products. It’s a big reason for a steady stream of iOS updates and a dedication to a smarter Siri. While other companies rethink their products and develop souped-up AI tech, Apple is happy to tinker away to ensure that their offerings remain the most secure devices consumers can buy. It’s a different ballgame at Apple, one that has defined their business for many years.

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