ARM's latest CPUs push Android phone makers toward 64-bit only devices

ARM has launched its first lineup of CPU core designs that are exclusively 64-bit, warning Android phone makers still adopting 32-bit technology to upgrade. The Cortex-X4, Cortex-A720 and Cortex-A520 are not revolutionary in terms of performance, but they are expected to set the trajectory for Android in the near future. The Cortex-X4, a performance core aimed at flagship phones, uses 40% less power than its predecessor and delivers a 15% higher performance. The Cortex-A720 design is nearly 20% more power efficient than last year’s model, while the Cortex-A520 efficiency core is reportedly 22% more efficient than its A510 predecessor. ARM has also launched new GPU designs that offer superior performance with lesser power consumption, including the Immortalis-G720, the Mali-G720 and the Mali-G620. This launch will likely influence the Android market, with manufacturers being pushed toward upgrading to a 64-bit system to avoid being left behind.

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