Batwoman Fans Are Loving Bridget Regan’s Poison Ivy Casting

The Season 3 premiere of Batwoman is fast approaching, and fans of the hit The CW series got their biggest update yet on Monday, with confirmation that Bridget Regan has been cast as Poison Ivy. Ivy was first mentioned by name on Batwoman midway through Season 2, and was then referenced in a pretty major way in the Season 2 finale, when various tools and weapons from Batman villains were released into the wild, including Ivy’s vines, which began to grow onto the shore. Fans have been curious to see if and how Ivy would factor into the latest batch of episodes, and with the Jane the Virgin and Agent Carter star brought on board, now we have a bit of a hint of what that will entail.

Regan’s Poison Ivy is described as former botany student of Gotham University described as a passionate, brilliant scientist with a mind for changing the world for the better. But her plans shifted when she was experimented on by a colleague, injected with various plant toxins which turned her into the infamous Batman villain Poison Ivy. With a formidable power coursing through her veins, Pamela used her powers to do what she thought was right, even if Batman and those closest to her disagreed with her dangerous methods. Now effectively wiped off the board for years, Batwoman and the Bat Team must prepare themselves for Poison Ivy to return with a vengeance.

Given Regan’s appearances in other beloved shows — and the fact that she’s been a popular “fancast” as Poison Ivy for years — it was safe to say that the news of her casting would go over well. In the time since the casting was announced, Twitter has been flooded with reactions and responses… and here are just a few of them.



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