Can Bad Games Have Good Sequels?

In the world of video games, sequels often improve upon the original games. This is a phenomenon that occurs when developers build on the ideas of the first game but refine its execution. In contrast, good games are often rejected in board rooms while bad games get multiple sequels and spin-offs. The Best Games Ever show Episode 54 discusses the best game that is a sequel to a bad game.

Two examples of well-regarded game sequels are Assassin’s Creed 2 and Watch_Dogs 2. However, these games are not entirely different from the games they follow. They retain key mechanics, mission design, and visual style, but vastly improved execution.

The medium of video games is one of iteration and experimentation. Although sometimes things don’t work, technology and game design generally improve toward better ways of doing things. In this episode, the panelists discuss which game sequels are much better than the originals.

The podcast shares the game picks of Tom, Kelsey, and Connor. Tom picked Football Manager 2009, based on a retracted bad review, and the subsequent glowing reviews of its next version. Kelsey chose Borderlands 2 which is considered significantly better than the first game. Connor picked Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, which is better than the acclaimed first game in the series.

The Best Games Ever Show is a 30-minute panel show hosted by Jim Trinca and associates, where they decide on the best game in a specific category. Listeners can join Jim and the panelists to uncover the best games in each category.

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