Could You Survive The Movies?

I love movies. I appreciate the suspension of disbelief and just immersing myself into a fictional story. After the movie is over, though—when I have time to think about it more and consider how incredulous some of the scenes were—I admittedly question the science or physics of some movies. People get thrown through walls and get up to continue fighting, but they get bonked on the head with a beer bottle and they’re unconscious for an hour. If, like me, you also wonder about such things, you will love the YouTube series “Could You Survive the Movies,” currently in its second season.

Season 2 examines some of the incredible feats and amazing scenes from Top Gun, Jurassic Park, A Quiet Place, Harry Potter, Titanic, and a Zombie Movie—diving into the underlying science to determine if someone could, in fact, survive in that scenario.

I was fortunate to have a chance to speak with Producer Ari Mark and Jake Roper, the host of the Could You Survive the Movies series. Roper is better known by his YouTube handle VSauce3, where he has 3.6 million subscribers.

I told Roper that the show reminds me a little of Myth Busters, but with a more specific focus around popular movies. I love Myth Busters, and I love movies, so it’s a winning combination from my perspective. In each episode, Roper aims for what he calls, “accidental learning,” where the audience is so entertained and enthralled by what they’re watching that they don’t even realize how much they’ve learned.

One of the coolest parts—which is great for the audience and also a ton of fun for Roper—is that they don’t just explore the science. They actually recreate many of the scenes and weave the science and experimentation into a more engaging narrative. In other words, “accidental learning.”

This week’s episode is “Can You Survive a Quiet Place.” Roper takes a look at what it would take to try and exist without making a sound, and whether that is even remotely possible. In the clip below, Roper works with Rikki, a fellow YouTuber and deaf activist, to explore how people are able to sense or feel sound even without a sense of hearing.

Subscribers can access all of the episodes. Those who are not YouTube subscribers have to wait for each new episode to be released every Thursday at 6pm Eastern. Check it out on the Could You Survive the Movies YouTube channel.

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