Difficulty of Tears of the Kingdom compared to Breath of the Wild

The latest instalment in The Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom, has undergone several changes from Breath of the Wild. Players are finding the game to be even more challenging than the first release. The weapon degradation system still exists, enemies are more capable, and guardians are still a nightmare!

Players share their feelings about the game’s difficulty. The general consensus is that the game is tougher than Breath of the Wild. One player stated they died more times in 10 hours of Tears of the Kingdom than they did in 400 hours of Breath of the Wild. Some express frustration as enemies are now one-shotting them often, which wasn’t a problem in the first game. Another user shared how they don’t know which game is more challenging, as they believe combat is slightly harder in Tears of the Kingdom, but platforming is easier now due to Link’s new abilities.

The side effects of the gloom issue, which has weakened the land, make a lot of sense story wise that everything is stronger. However, this doesn’t necessarily lead to smooth gameplay. Besides the gameplay difficulty, many players are also struggling with the Ascend ability.

Who else loves the fact that this game is way harder than BOTW

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Difficulty isn’t the only thing players need to adjust to with Tears of the Kingdom, but forgetting about some newly introduced abilities adds to the game’s difficulty too.

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