Doctor Who Crossovers With Wizard of Oz, Camelot Announced

Doctor Who‘s Doctor is headed to Camelot and Oz. While Doctor Who fans await the show’s thirteenth season, BBC Children’s Books announced two new crossover books from writer Jacqueline Rayner. The first is Doctor Who: Legends of Camelot, which sends David Tennant’s fan-favorite Tenth Doctor and companion Donna Noble to Camelot, where they’ll interact with the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Upon entering this hidden pocket world, the inhabitants mistake the Doctor for the wizard Merlin, thrusting him into the center of a dangerous power struggle. Here’s the BBC’s official synopsis for Doctor Who: Legends of Camelot:

“While investigating a strange energy in Carbury, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble are pulled into a different dimension, smashing a giant hole into another world in the process. As the magic of the hidden dimension slowly seeps out, the Doctor and Donna find themselves in Camelot, where a young squire, Arthur, comes to their aid, and when the Doctor is mistaken for Merlin, they are swept up in the glamorous and daring legends of the Knights of the Round Table.

“But something far more menacing has been awakened. Caught in an ancient battle for power, Donna and the Doctor are sucked into a dangerous game. As each move is made and time spins faster, the Doctor must find a way to seal the rift before an unimaginable power is unleashed and the universe is laid to waste.”

The second story whisks the Thirteenth Doctor, played on television by current Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker, into the land of Oz via, of course, a tornado. The synopsis reads, “Embark on a strange and enchanting adventure with old foes and monsters in this glorious crossover of Doctor Who and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

“When a sudden tornado engulfs the TARDIS, the Thirteenth Doctor and her fam find themselves transported to the magical land of Oz. With a damaged TARDIS and an unexpected stowaway from the 1930s, their only hope of getting home is to follow the yellow brick road.

“But when an army of scarecrows ambushes them, they quickly realise that everything is not as it should be, and they’re thrown into a fight for survival against a mysterious enemy. As each of her companions becomes a shadow of their former selves, only the Doctor is left standing. Desperate to save her friends, she must embark on a perilous journey to seek help from the mysterious Wizard of Oz – and stop whatever forces are at work before she and her friends are trapped in the fictional world forever.”

Are you excited about these new Doctor Who crossovers? Let us know in the comments. Both of these Doctor Who books release on June 10th. If you’re interested in catching up with the Doctor Who television series, read our Doctor Who streaming binge guide.

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