FCC orders Avid Telecom to stop health insurance-related robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission has instructed Avid Telecom to stop robocalls related to health insurance. A cease-and-desist letter was addressed to Avid Telecom’s CEO, Michael Lansky. The Commission discovered that the company was originating illegal robocall traffic on behalf of one or more of its clients. USTelecom’s Industry Traceback Group worked with the Commission to investigate prerecorded telemarketing calls related to health insurance. The group found that Avid originated the calls, alleging that its customer called people even after they revoked their consent. Avid is required to update the FCC with the measures it has taken to mitigate robocalls and inform the Commission of the safeguards it has implemented to prevent its customers from making robocalls. If Avid fails to comply, downstream voice service providers might permanently block all of Avid’s traffic. The Attorneys General from 48 states previously filed a lawsuit against the Arizona-based VOIP services provider. They accused it of making over 7.5 billion calls to people on the National Do Not Call Registry, spoofing phone numbers, and making calls that appeared as if they were from government offices, law enforcement agencies, and companies like Amazon.

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