Frontier Airlines Offers Even Cheaper Unlimited Flight Pass for Fall and Winter Than Summer

TL;DR: In response to the success of its unlimited summer flight pass launched earlier this year, Frontier Airlines is now offering a fall and winter pass that is $100 cheaper at $299. The pass is valid from the beginning of September until the end of February, covering the same duration as the summer pass but is at a lower price. However, customers should be mindful of Frontier’s baggage fees and restrictions detailed in the fine print before purchasing.

By popular demand, Frontier is expanding its GoWild! unlimited flight pass program. The fall and winter version picks up where the summer pass leaves off, covering flights from September 2 to February 29, meaning some overlap between the two. The fall and winter GoWild! pass is much more affordable than the summer pass, costing only $299 plus one cent in fees per trip, compared to the original $399. Please note that the summer pass price has fluctuated significantly since its release in Feb. 2023, ranging between $499 and $699.

The GoWild! pass applies to both domestic and international flights, offering a wide range of options for travelers, allowing them to visit tropical destinations, enjoy fall foliage or ski resorts. Frontier serves more than 100 airports in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America, but cannot guarantee availability at all of its airports.

Is the Frontier GoWild! pass worth it?

Undoubtedly, the winter and fall Frontier GoWild! pass is a great deal, considering it’s even lower-priced than the average cost of one domestic roundtrip flight. However, as always, the fine print needs to be followed closely, especially regarding baggage fees. Frontier’s passengers should expect arbitrary baggage fees for carry-ons, which tend to be higher than anticipated, due to inconsistent pricing and dimension limitations. Additionally, please note that you can only book one way at a time and only within a specified time frame of 24 hours for domestic flights or 10 days for international flights.

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If you’re eager to explore new destinations this fall and winter, ensure you snag your GoWild! pass quickly from Frontier Airlines, as it may be subject to a price increase, just like the summer pass.

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