‘Future Boy Conan’ Is Finally Getting A Western Release After Four Decades

One of the treasured heirlooms of anime, that of Hayao Miyazaki’s formative Future Boy Conan series, is finally coming Westward after four decades and is getting remastered along with it.

Future Boy Conan originally aired in Japan back in 1979. Loosely based on Alexander Key’s novel The Incredible Tide, it dealt with a post-apocalyptic world where the only thing between another cataclysm was a plucky young kid called Conan.

It was also the directorial debut of Hayao Miyazaki, and also included noteworthy staff such as Isao Takahata and Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Future Boy Conan is also probably one of the most influential anime ever made, with directors such as Hiroyuki Imaishi, Sunao Katabuchi and Shinji Aramaki citing it as a big reason why they went into making anime in the first place.

For me, Future Boy Conan is one of my all-time favorite anime. While it appears like a regular 26 episode series, the pacing is such that it works as a 13 hour movie. There is no fat on the narrative at all and it’s remarkably well made.

While Japan already received a Blu-ray release not that long ago, GKIDS will be handling an all-new 4K remaster and English dub.

In terms of when this will be released, GKIDS plans to have Future Boy Conan out by the end of this year. However, there’s no news on this anime’s price point, but I am not expecting it to be excessive.

In any case, considering how long we’ve all had to wait to see Future Boy Conan given a Western release, a few more months is totally fine by me.

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