Get Great Deals on Robot Vacuums: Save on iRobot, Samsung, and Shark this Week

The Key is in Suction Power: When you buy a vacuum, you want to make sure that it has a high suction power to clean effectively. Suction power is measured in Pascals (Pa), and current models range from 1,500 to 3,000 Pa. For picking up heavy debris or matted down pet hair, you should opt for stronger suction (just make sure to set a no-go zone around loose Legos).

Know Your Flooring: Carpets and high pile rugs require stronger suction power than hard floors, and sometimes need extra features like an extra-wide or self-cleaning brush roll. If you have multiple types of floors in your home, consider a robot vacuum that can easily move between them.

Automatic Emptying: Robot vacuums are generally under four inches tall, so their onboard dust bins are relatively small and require frequent emptying, especially in homes with pets. A self-emptying vacuum eliminates the task of emptying the bin. It empties itself into a larger dustbin in its charging dock that can hold weeks of dirt without needing to be emptied.

Your Home’s Layout: Every robot vacuum has sensors and drop detection, but if your home has many rooms or lots of close-together furniture, consider opting for an advanced model with intelligent mapping. It will remember the layout of your home, including labeling specific rooms and taking note of staircases and can deploy zone cleaning.

Low-Profile Furniture: Make sure to get a robot vacuum that is three inches or less in height to ensure that it can clean under low-hanging couches and beds.

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Battery Life and Coverage Area: Check the battery life of your robot vacuum before purchasing. If you have a large space to clean, a longer battery life will be necessary. On average, run times usually range between 90 and 200 minutes and can cover around 500 to 2,800 square feet on one charge.

App Control: WiFi-enabled robot vacuums can be synced with smartphone apps for easy control over scheduling, cleaning settings, and manual starts. Look for models that have voice integration and can connect with Alexa or Google.

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