GM’s Latest EVs Now Come with Auto Emergency Braking

General Motors (GM) has announced that it has made five active safety features standard in its latest electric vehicles (EVs) and in all its 2023 models. In addition, the company pledged that it will exceed its commitment to equip 95 percent of its vehicles with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). AEB is integrated into all of GM’s new models, including its EVs. This announcement came after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that all new light trucks and cars must come with AEB within three years.

GM’s newest safety features include Front Pedestrian Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, IntelliBeam and AEB. GM cites a 2023 safety study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, which showed that the combination of AEB and Forward Collision Alert reduced rear-end crashes by 42 percent. The same study found that the utilization of Front Pedestrian Braking cut head-on collisions with pedestrians by 23 percent, while Lane Keep Assist along with Lane Departure Warning lessened crashes resulting from a vehicle deviating from the road by 15 percent. Lastly, GM highlights a 2022 UMTRI safety study that found that IntelliBeam reduced crashes at night involving pedestrians, bicyclists and animals by 22 percent.

The auto manufacturer also indicated that it has improved the front sensors of its latest models, including the Cadillac Lyriq, 2023 Chevy Colorado, and GMC Canyon. These enhanced sensors provide a wider field of vision, which allows AEB to function up to 80 mph. Additionally, Bicyclist Automatic Emergency Braking is included, which adds to Front Pedestrian Braking, a feature appreciated in areas where cyclists frequently cross or ride through traffic. The upgraded sensors also enable smoother engagement for Lane Keep Assist and Blind Zone Steering Assist, which includes a sharp turn to avoid lane-change collisions. GM says it will expand these upgraded sensors as well as their features to other models in the near future. Furthermore, the automaker affirms that its safety features are not solely for high-end vehicles. For instance, the company’s 2024 Chevrolet Trax model, which is among its lowest-priced gas-powered vehicles starting at $21,495, also comes with these five standard safety features. According to the company, all of its customers, regardless of their budget, can benefit from the set of safety features that have demonstrated success in preventing common crashes.

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