Leap Often For Big Rewards

What would you want to have the ability to do if you could have a superpower? This “what if?” game has been around for a long time. Sitting outside the public tennis courts waiting for our turn to play my friends at least once a week would bring it up. Probably because one of them wanted the ability to serve the tennis ball 150 miles an hour and make me miss.

Mine was always the ability to try everything. Meaning being fearless. For the last decade as a talk show host, speaker, and President of a media company I have murmured to myself countless times, “Leap and the Net will find you.” Have I jumped to soon, too often, and got tangled in the net? You bet! It was not always pretty and is clearly documented in my book: Deal Your Own Destiny Increase Your Odds, Win Big and become Extraordinary.

The absolute number one thing I hear from clients, audiences and others is: How do I overcome my fear of (fill in the blank)? Many are leaders in Fortune 500 companies, brilliant authors, speaker friends, and all kinds of other people. I’m going to share my emergency list of reasons to take the leap.

1. Living a life of regrets isn’t living.

2. Fear is the appetizer to an incredible banquet. Don’t miss the feast.

3. Knock on every door so the right one will open.

4. Leap and the net will find you.

The net is big. Calculate the risk if you must but don’t be afraid to take leap. Hall of fame hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky probably said it best, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

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