Lord of the Rings Online devs try to put fans at ease over Amazon’s LOTR game announcement

The developer of Lord of the Rings Online has reassured players that the game “is not going away” even after Amazon’s recent announcement of a new MMO set in the same world. Amazon’s previous attempt to develop an MMO based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works failed due to licensing issues. However, this time, Amazon is willing to take risks and create “the largest MMO out there” that will last “ten years.” While Amazon’s vice president seems to believe that the current Lord of the Rings Online game isn’t a threat, he has made some rather condescending comments about the game’s technology and age. Despite this, the LOTRO community continues to thrive, and the developers remain dedicated to growing and supporting it. As for Amazon’s new game, its success will depend on the company’s attitude and willingness to respect and engage with the Tolkien fanbase, rather than belittling its competition.

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