‘Lysfanga’ combines hack-and-slash with tactical time travel

The game Lysfanga uses an isometric view that may remind players of Hades, but this game is unique in its own way. In addition to fighting monsters and enemies, the protagonist named Imë uses spells and weapon combinations while reverting time to try again in a different way. Moreover, her shadow from the previous timeline will continue to rush into the enemies. This game is much like the faded-out ghosts in racing games such as Mario Kart and Gran Turismo but with collaboration, not competition in play.

The goal of the game is to complete separated combat levels within a single “run.” However, the player has only a finite number of ghost-Imës to complete the task. This game introduces further challenges by featuring enemies that cannot be defeated from the front or paired monsters that must be killed almost simultaneously or they will respawn each other. Similar to the Transistor game, Lysfanga rewards careful planning of moves. In later levels, it demands careful route planning through doors that lock and unlock when the player’s character or her ghosts rush through them, exploding enemies that can be punted into other enemies, and a countdown that speeds up the game.

The game’s short levels, which can be completed in under two minutes, can be restarted. Imë also has a range of spells and special attacks with cooldown timers to add further fight options. Lysfanga has a variety of weapon loadouts to suit different approaches, such as long-reaching spears and speedy chakram blades. Players can unleash a super attack that not only does heavy damage to enemies nearby but is also echoed in their doppelgangers.

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Players require careful planning to beat most levels. In this game, the controls and playstyle remind players of old Fire Emblem games, where careful planning is the key to winning. Lysfanga can provide incredibly satisfying moments when the clones come together to wipe out the enemies in mere seconds. Each level can be replayed at markers across the game and includes a more challenging time limit to beat.

Developed by Quantic Dreams’ outgrowth Spotlight, the game will be released later this year on both Steam and Epic Games for PC.

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