Manchester City’s first Champions League title win attracts social media attention

The biggest club soccer game in Europe is the UEFA Champions League final, with only a handful of elite teams able to claim the title of “best in Europe.” On this occasion, England’s Manchester City and Italy’s Internazionale Milan faced each other in the final for the first time, at Turkey’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, providing a disappointing 1-0 win for City over the Nerazzurri.

The game failed to excite viewers, but Twitter continued its tradition of being an excellent companion for major sporting events. Known as a virtual stadium where everyone is a referee, coach, and player, Twitter provided a memorable spectacle not only due to Manchester City’s win but also due to the tweets that encapsulated the beauty, drama, and humor of the final.

First Half

The first half of the final was slow and dull, finishing 0-0 at the 45-minute mark. The biggest news was the possibility that City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne might have been injured. The 31-year-old Belgian player had been injured during the 2021 Champions League Final, and many Twitter users suggested that he was unable to show up in important matches.

Twitter users also noted that the first half was a rather lackluster performance from both teams, particularly from City, who are considered to be the best team in Europe and the world by many soccer supporters. The English side had won its third consecutive Premier League title, finishing the season with three games left to play.

Second Half

A slow start to the second half of the game created a pessimistic mood that this would be one more dreary final. Nevertheless, City’s Rodri secured the club’s first lead of the game by scoring a goal that was crucial for the victory. The midfield player’s shot from the edge of the box went past the Inter Milan goalkeeper.

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Following this, the game became more exciting, with Inter Milan missing an opportunity to equalize in the 88th minute. Romelu Lukaku inadvertently prevented his teammate Dimarco from scoring by blocking his shot, which irritated a few soccer fans worldwide who already had a low opinion of Lukaku’s defensive abilities.

Winners: Manchester City

With the end of the match and the final whistle blown, City won its first Champions League title in club history. The win thrilled City fans and bandwagoners alike, while most of the soccer world was devastated that the “bad guys” had emerged victorious. City’s win completed a coveted championship treble, with the English FA Cup, the Premier League, and the UEFA Champions League all in the club’s possession.

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