Marvel Snap’s Latest Update Brings Conquest Mode and Galactus Nerf

Marvel Snap’s latest update has arrived, featuring some significant changes. Among them is the introduction of the new Conquest Mode, which presents players with a new way to play the game and offers rewards. In this mode, players must battle opponents to reduce their health instead of taking cubes. Winning provides medals, which players can exchange for various prizes. Each league requires a key and tasks players with winning consecutive battles without losing. Keys are awarded for each win, but players can buy more using gold. In addition, players can spend 1000 Tokens in the Token Shop to purchase a Mystery Series 3 card, while Snowguard and Stegron move from Series 5 to Series 4, and Shanna moves from Series 4 to Series 3.

Aside from the new mode and additions in the Token Shop, the update also includes major balance adjustments. Galactus, a card that has been causing issues for players, received a nerf. In its previous version, Galactus only needed to be the only card played at a location to destroy the other two, but now, it must be the only card and winning the location to trigger its effect. Galactus’ power also changes from a 6-Cost 2-Power card to a 6-Cost 7-Power card. Meanwhile, Maria Hill and Dazzler receive some buffs. Maria Hill can now bring random 1- or 2-Cost cards to players’ hands, while Dazzler’s ability adds +2 Power for each location players fill up.

Players should also expect some bug fixes, but for now, they can try Conquest mode, tweak their Galactus deck, and pick up a few Mystery Series 3 cards.

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