Marvel Snap’s New Conquest Mode Launching on June 13th

Marvel Snap has had a recent streak of good news, including a big Spider-Verse event and winning an Apple Design award. Now, Second Dinner and Nuverse have announced a new mode coming to the game. Called Conquest, the mode is set to launch on June 13th. Previously teased, the developers have now revealed all the details of the new mode, as well as a fun ProZD video showcasing the gameplay.

Conquest mode is designed to offer players an even tougher challenge than the main game. However, it is accessible to all players regardless of their current skill level. The mode offers prizes for everyone, with the most significant rewards reserved for the best players. The Proving Grounds will be the place to join in, and the game will award Silver Tickets to players who manage to achieve victory. These Silver Tickets unlock the Silver Conquest, which, if won, awards the player a Gold Ticket. Winning the Gold Conquest grants an Infinite Ticket, which unlocks the final mode called Infinite Conquest. For those able to conquer the game’s highest level, a new Infinite Avatar frame marking the achievement is awarded.

Conquest mode uses a similar style to Battle Mode. It challenges players to play multiple rounds against the same opponent, battling for health instead of Cubes. Players cannot change their deck between battles, which makes it crucial to have a well-planned strategy and be familiar with the opponent’s fighting style. The higher levels require the player to win consecutively more battles to emerge as the top player. Losing even a single round results in elimination. Additionally, players earn Medals along with the previously mentioned Tickets, which can be exchanged at a special Medal Shop for an assortment of rewards. If a player requires more Tickets, they can purchase them with in-game gold.

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The new Conquest mode promises exciting rewards and fresh gameplay for Marvel Snap fans. The ProZD video adds a fun element of humor to the excitement. With the release set for June 13th, players can’t wait to test their decks and battle it out on the new battlefield.

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