Meta’s Quest 3 Headset Could Utilize Color Cameras to Enhance Pass-Through Video Realism

Meta’s next VR headset, the Quest 3, could feature color pass-through cameras to enhance video realism, according to Bloomberg’s report. The prototype device, codenamed Eureka, is noticeably lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the Quest 2, and features a new design that includes three vertical sensor areas holding two color video pass-through and two standard cameras, plus a depth sensor. The Quest 3 also has front lower tracking cameras, a volume rocker, and a wheel to adjust interpupillary distance. The device’s actual VR displays feel much like the Quest 2’s, and the resolution is only slightly higher, but the Quest 3’s pass-through and performance have seen significant improvements. The device is expected to launch in October at a possible higher price point than the Quest 2’s $400. It is believed that Meta may keep the Quest 2 available at a reduced price point alongside the Quest 3. However, the Quest 3 will not include face or eye tracking, and the company has no plans for a new Quest Pro.

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