Miss Minutes’ Face From the Loki Finale Has Fans Freaked Out

The first season of Marvel’s Loki came to an end on Wednesday, answering a ton of questions from fans while also asking about a thousand more. The episode is filled with a little bit of everything, including a terrifying jump scare that no one was expecting. Nothing in Loki to this point could really be considered “horror,” but that changed in the early part of Wednesday’s finale. Thanks to Miss Minutes, Marvel fans had to take some time to catch their breath.

After Loki and Sylvie step into the realm they saw at the end of time, they approach a castle with no idea who’s inside. That question is answered later, but not before they meet Miss Minutes, the animated clock character that appeared to work for the TVA. She pops up rather unexpectedly, causing an effective jump scare for viewers.

Since this is new for Loki, it really caught fans off-guard. Many of them have taken to Twitter to joke about the Miss Minutes scare, revealing just how unprepared they were.

Take a look!

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