Mobius Is a Huge Hit With Loki Fans

The series premiere of Loki made its debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, showcasing the latest corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to fans. In addition to highlighting the latest adventures of Tom Hiddleston’s titular God of Mischief, the series is introducing a number of lesser-known Marvel elements into live-action — including Mobius M. Mobius, the Time Variance Authority employee played by Owen Wilson. The character, who becomes an unexpected ally of Loki across the episode goes along, has a relatively scarce comic history, with only a handful of canon appearances to his name. Still, based on the response to his scenes in the premiere, it looks like Mobius is on his way to being a bonafide fan-favorite.

Shortly after the first episode of Loki dropped on Disney+, many Marvel fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Mobius’ role, and many of them are pretty positive. Whether beginning to ship Mobius and Loki together or simply marveling at the idea of Wilson being in the MCU, fans already have a lot to say about Mobius. Here are just a few of those reactions. Warning: Mild spoilers for the first episode of Loki, “Glorious Purpose”, below! Only look if you want to know!


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