Motorola’s new Razr+ will come with a large external display

Motorola is making a comeback in the US market with its latest foldable phones, including the Razr+. The Razr+ (also known as the Razr 40 Ultra in Europe) is the flagship model of the 2023 Razr family and features a massive 3.6-inch, 1,056 x 1,066 external display with a 144Hz refresh rate. This extra screen real estate allows for quick access to “panels,” including a dedicated Spotify panel and mini games. In addition, the folding action is improved, featuring a redesigned hinge that makes it the thinnest foldable phone on the market when closed.

The Razr+ also possesses an internal 6.9-inch, 165Hz 1080p screen that Motorola claims is “nearly creaseless.” The phone comes with spatial audio featuring Dolby Atmos support, as well as a 12MP main camera with dual-pixel autofocus and a wide f/1.5 aperture, making it ideal for low-light shots. There is also a 13MP ultra-wide cam that doubles as a macro shooter, and a 32MP selfie camera sitting in a cutout on the main display. The phone’s 3,800mAh battery reportedly lasts all day and night with wireless or 30W wired charging.

The Razr+ (with 256GB of storage) is available from June 23rd through various providers for $1,000, or $41.67 per month in a two-year installment plan. It is also available now in Europe for €1,200. Alongside the Razr+ is the plain Motorola Razr (Razr 40), which sports a 6.9-inch, 144Hz 1080p main display, a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, and 128GB of storage, but boasts a larger 4,200mAh battery and a higher-resolution 64MP main camera. This phone is set to hit the North American market at a “meaningfully cheaper” price sometime in the coming months.

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Despite the competitive pricing of the Razr+ and the simplicity of the plain Motorola Razr, it remains to be seen whether or not consumers prefer these models over Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series. However, the Razr+ is likely to appeal to those who like Motorola’s hardware and want a more pocket-sized handset that still provides a large screen experience.

Motorola Razr (2023)
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