New Superman & Lois Character Posters Released

The CW has released brand new character posters for Superman & Lois. The posters feature the series’ major characters, including not just the titular Superman and Lois, but their sons Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) as well as antagonists John Henry Irons (Wole Park) and Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) and more. The new posters come as the series has made some major revelations about Park’s John Henry Irons. The character was previously known simply as The Stranger and seemed to be presented as a Luthor from another universe. However, it was recently revealed that he is actually John Henry Irons from another world, a man who lost everything due to his world’s evil Superman.

Jai Jamison, who wrote the recent episode “Man of Steel” which revealed the character’s true identity, recently told about the series’ take on the character.

“The thing about this version of John Henry that I think we’ll understand is, he’s a person who has lost everything,” Jamison explained. “He hit rock bottom. The one last thing that he has is to try to prevent what happened on his Earth from happening on this one, and so he is willing to do whatever it takes. We’ve seen some of the stuff that he’s seen, some of the things that have happened to him, but what he’s been through is extreme, and it’s pushed him to this edge.”

“I think that the thing that is different about this John Henry, and the thing that I think defines, people like him, like Superman, is their ability to change their minds with the presentation of new information,” Jamison added. “Even someone who is as mission-oriented as John Henry, I think that there is a space for him to possibly change his mind.”

You can read on for the new character posters. Let us know what you think about them as well as the John Henry Irons reveal in the comments.

Superman & Lois airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

John Henry Irons

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