Number Two Hatches a Plan in Exclusive Clip

Friday morning will see a brand new episode of the hit series The Mysterious Benedict Society released on Disney+, and things are really getting interesting as we enter the second half of Season 1. Mr. Benedict and his adult colleagues are trying to keep up communications with the team of children while on their mission, which is unfortunately not an easy task. In an exclusive clip from this week’s new episode, Number Two has an intriguing new method that has everyone scratching their heads.

In the clip, which you can watch above, Kristen Schaal‘s Number two concocts a plan for establishing communication with the children. She has acquired some falcons, the fastest animal alive (when diving), which she will use to relay messages. Mr. Benedict, Rhonda, and Milligan aren’t exactly sold on the idea, but they’re all out of options.

Tony Hale stars in The Mysterious Benedict Society as the titular Mr. Benedict, who has recruited intelligent and caring children to help fight for truth in the wake of the Emergency. He also plays the role of the show’s villain, Mr. Curtain, who couldn’t be more different from Mr. Benedict. spoke with Hale about his dual roles in The Mysterious Benedict Society, and he broke down how their different styles help influence the two performances.

“I loved how just completely different their looks are,” Hale told us. “Curtain’s suits are super uncomfortable, which I kind of wanted them to be uncomfortable. Then Benedict’s was very comfortable, but his posture was so rough. My lower back was hurting. But then the wig, I’ve never had that much hair and it was glorious. I mean, every time I put the wig on, I just immediately, just the kind of affable chaos of Benedict, just kind of seeped in. We had this woman named Jalla [Leis Wanless], who was the hairstylist. I don’t know, it was just working with all these artists was really, really fun to create it.”

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New episodes of The Mysterious Benedict Society are released on Friday mornings on Disney+.

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