Olivia Rodrigo Makes History With Four Simultaneous Top 10 Hits On Billboard’s Global Chart

BTS claim the biggest song in the world this week with their latest release “Butter,” which racked up enough sales and streams in its first seven days of availability to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200, the charting company’s weekly look at the most popular tracks on the planet. As the South Korean stars hit the peak position for the fourth time (in less than a year), another one of the most successful artists in the world makes history by occupying more spaces at once than anyone ever has.

This frame, Olivia Rodrigo claims four top 10 hits at once. According to Billboard, she sets a new record for the most simultaneous placements inside the highest tier of the Billboard Global 200 as her new album Sour takes over the world.

Somewhat surprisingly, while Rodrigo may fill more spots inside the top 10 than any other artist has been able to, she doesn’t sit at No. 1. That space obviously belongs to BTS this frame, though last time around the teen sensation was comfortable atop the list once again. The singer-songwriter’s current single “Good 4 U” started in first place last week, and now it dips to second. 

Coming in right behind that win is Rodrigo’s previous single “Deja Vu,” which rockets from No. 13 to No. 3. The Sour promotional cut previously found its way into the top 10, but this week it hits a new high, entering the top five for the first time. 

New to the top 10 entirely is Rodrigo’s “Traitor,” which debuts at No. 7. The track isn’t a single, but clearly fans loved it, as people all around the world streamed and purchased it in large enough quantities to send it right into the top 10 without issue. The cut is the musician’s fourth top 10 hit on the Billboard Global 200.

Rounding out Rodrigo’s four current top 10 hits on this week’s Billboard Global 200 is “Drivers License,” which is no stranger to the highest tier on the tally. The tune holds the record for the most turns spent in the driver’s seat, and this frame it speeds from No. 22 to No. 9, re-entering the loftiest space on the 200-rung roster.

Rodrigo occupies more than four spots on the Billboard Global 200 this time around, as all 11 songs featured on Sour appear inside the top 40, certifying them all as worldwide hits, at least for now.

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