‘Perpetrator’ review: Alicia Silverstone hits surreal heights in feminist horror film

Alicia Silverstone stars in the feminist horror movie, Perpetrator, which defies convention and refuses to be classified within a specific genre. The film revolves around Jonny, played by Kiah McKirnan, a teenager who undergoes a mysterious change on her eighteenth birthday. Her father, who cannot cope with the change, sends her to live with her Aunt Hildie, played by Silverstone. Hildie exudes a witchy persona that clashes with Jonny’s rebellious spirit. The Forevering, a family hyper-empathy trait, marks Jonny’s transition to adulthood and fearing for her safety, she teams up with Elektra, another outcast, to track down a kidnapper stalking their town. The threats against young women’s bodily autonomy is a recurring theme throughout the film, making it a feminist horror movie. Perpetrator is a delightfully surreal experience thanks to director Jennifer Reeder’s unconventional approach.

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