Pixar Celebrates Finding Nemo’s 18th Anniversary With Disney Fans

Finding Nemo turned 18 today and Pixar was in the mood to celebrate. Fans from all over are sharing their memories of Marlin and Dory’s adventures through the ocean to bring the little clownfish home. Pixar was already a juggernaut by the time 2003 rolled around. But, it is hard to communicate how much people loved Nemo upon release. There were record sales of clownfish in pet stores and fans packing aquariums across the world. (This sort of thing tends to happen with Disney properties, just Google what happened after 101 Dalmatians released.) But, today is all about the ocean-dwellers and people’s recollections of the story. It’s is wild to see so many artists reference the film as a primary influence. However, with that stunning work, the tributes make a lot of sense. Check out Pixar’s post right here.

Comicbook.com had the opportunity to speak with producer Lindsey Collins before Finding Dory released Screenwriter/co-producer Andrew Stanton also chimed in about the prospect of following up such a beloved movie.

She continued, “I think we want them to take away that it’s a movie that feels worthy of the first film and that feels worthy of Dory because we take that responsibility very seriously. We didn’t enter into it, as Andrew said, lightly in terms of knowing what we were getting ourselves into and we also are super aware of everybody’s public [ownership] of Dory. Everybody, kind of, owns Dory, as a character, and, so entering into that game was a very, very conscious decision and, I think, the ultimate goal has always been: does this film feel worthy of the first and does it feel like it’s worthy of her, as a character? Meaning: are we giving her what we want her to have at the end.”

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