'Pizza Tower' is the 'Wario Land' + 'Sonic' crossover I didn’t know I wished

My favourite online game of 2023 includes a portly, balding pizza chef named Peppino Spaghetti scaling a medieval tower to defeat a sentient floating pie threatening to explode his pizzeria. It was developed by a small unbiased studio named Tour de Pizza, led by a designer named McPig. Its soundtrack was largely composed by a first-time composer and a highschool pupil. Its artwork type is without delay expressive and grotesque. It’s referred to as Pizza Tower, and it’s, in all seriousness, top-of-the-line 2D platformers I’ve performed in a very long time.

I’m late right here, as Pizza Tower arrived on PC in January. At the moment, it has the second-highest user rating of any 2023 launch on Steam. The only option to describe it’s to name it a contemporary Wario Land — actually, the sport’s construction is straight out of Wario Land 4. Virtually all of its 20 levels are break up into two halves. Within the first, you’ll be able to really feel issues out at a leisurely tempo, accumulating little pizza topping buddies, unlocking treasures and discovering secret rooms. There’s a grading system based mostly on how rapidly and totally you end a stage — however Peppino can’t die, and also you don’t want a sure rating to go, so that you’re free to maneuver recklessly.

Then it’s “Pizza Time.” On the finish of every stage is a pillar that, as soon as knocked over, causes the entire stage to start collapsing on itself. The music intensifies and a timer seems. That’s your cue to hurry up and get the hell out of there. You possibly can’t simply return the way in which you got here, although; elements of the unique path get blocked off, whereas sure secrets and techniques solely turn into accessible through the mad sprint again. Fail to succeed in the doorway in time, and the really cursed Pizzaface hunts you down. It’s a easy dynamic, curiosity inverted by anxiousness, however one which at all times labored for me. Every Pizza Tower stage concludes with the ending of Super Metroid, solely you play as a humorous pizza man trucking via fork-wielding cheeseballs and pepperoni goblins.

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A screenshot of the video game Pizza Tower for PCs.
Tour de Pizza

It’s not simply the construction that obtained me, although, it’s the velocity, and the way it’s deployed. In truth, I’d argue Pizza Tower is equal elements resuscitated Wario Land and higher Sonic the Hedgehog. Fast clarification: I don’t like Sonic. I didn’t once I was a five-year-old failing at Sonic the Hedgehog 3 on my nice aunt’s Sega Genesis, and I don’t right this moment after giving the unique 5 video games one other shake final 12 months. I get if you happen to do. However for me, all Sonic offers is a bad kind of tension, an itch I can’t attain. Sonic can go quick, however his worlds do manner an excessive amount of to impede his momentum. The open fields of Green Hill Zone finally give option to slow-moving platforms, hard-stopping ledges and suffocating water. After I’m halted, it takes a number of beats to hurry again up once more. The one option to persistently zoom via its levels is to memorize them.

Pizza Tower, alternatively, is aware of precisely what it’s. Peppino strikes just like the bus from Speed, bursting via partitions and obliterating most enemies in his manner. Once you sprint, his legs spin like a wheel and his physique glows in technicolor. Once you change route, it appears like a automobile screeching. Once you pivot into a brilliant leap, Peppino rockets infinitely into the air. The little man beats the hell out of himself, smashing stomach-first onto bricks and slamming into useless ends. It’s a continuing kinetic thrill, the sort I need from any platformer. Like Mario’s brisk hop or Donkey Kong’s weighty slams, Peppino’s runaway-train dashing feels distinctly his personal.

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The secret is that you simply even have house to discover this type of motion. The truth that Peppino can’t die performs an enormous position — much less concern encourages much less hesitation. Past that, it solely takes a second to select up velocity, and the zoomed-out digital camera provides you simply sufficient time to see what’s coming. Crucially, the controls are easy. Wall-running, wall-jumping and diving below ledges solely requires one button press. Pizza Tower has you full strings of exact strikes, but it surely’s constructed on intuition greater than memorization. It understands it’s partially a racing recreation, not only a platformer. Certainly, to get the best rank in a stage, you have to full a “Lap 2.”

A screenshot of the video game Pizza Tower for PCs.
Tour de Pizza

Pizza Tower’s rousing kinetics are sufficient for me to love it. However what makes me like it is its Nintendo-like dedication to exploring new talents and sensations. One second you’re stampeding on a hot dog horse, the following you’re a loosely floating ghost, then you definitely’re stopping to play a warped recreation of golf (a Wario nod). Importantly, Pizza Tower takes care to discard these concepts as soon as they’ve run their course. Typically, it’ll introduce a mechanic solely to subvert it within the again half of the identical stage.

Every part in Pizza Tower provides to its distinct sense of character. The artwork type appears like a dream you’d have after downing a meat-lovers pizza and falling asleep to a Rocko’s Trendy Life marathon. Peppino is a realized character, scared and pissed, purely via the evocative animation and motion. The incredible soundtrack is funkyandfierce, itself a throwback to Dreamcast-era Sega but completely its own. And it’s all humorous! Not simply in its pure bodily comedy, however in its jokes — you haven’t really hated The Noid till you play this recreation.

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I haven’t even talked concerning the boss fights (sincere duels that strike that “powerful however truthful” stability) or the ending (some of the intense and cathartic sequences I’ve performed) or the wonderful WAR. However I’ll conclude by saying Pizza Tower is a mannequin for the best way to make an homage recreation. Its inspirations are as clear as day, but it surely doesn’t rehash the previous. As a substitute, Tour de Pizza has thought via the best way to ignite the spirit of a basic whereas making it rawer, livelier and a bit extra unhinged. Yearly, I see folks fawn over focus-tested blockbusters and pure pastiche tasks. Pizza Tower’s thrilling wildness rejects them — it couldn’t be something however itself.

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