PlayStation Showcase Leaves Fans Worried About PS5’s Future

The PlayStation Showcase, Sony’s big PS5 event, failed to impress fans with its lackluster presentation. While there were some exciting game announcements, the overall showcase did not inspire the same level of excitement seen in previous events. Xbox even pointed out that many of the featured games were also coming to their platform. Fans were disappointed by the absence of any “wow” moments or new and exciting exclusives, as opposed to the usual trend of Sony delivering just that during such events.

Although it is understandable that Sony and other developers are facing challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, fans were still hoping for more inspiring content from this years “E3 moment.” The Final Fantasy XVI and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailers were undoubtedly the biggest games featured, but even those failed to deliver. Spider-Man 2 should have been given a spot at the beginning instead of the mediocre-sounding Fairgame$.

Many of the highly-anticipated titles during the past showcases, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian, are still discussed to this day because of how great they were. Fans are calling for Sony to release games that are on par with these in order to reignite their enthusiasm for the PS5. Though there are more games to come, as evidenced by the Summer Game Fest on June 8, the showcased games have set a very low bar for the PS5’s future.

It remains true that the PS5 will receive plenty of great games in the coming years. However, Sony failed to raise the excitement level of fans during their May showcase. Remote Play handheld was, surprisingly, one of the few highlights for many viewers. While Sony cannot cater to every fan’s desires, it would be prudent for them to listen to the feedback they received and deliver on the expectations they have set for themselves in the past.

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