Popular subreddits plan to extend API protests indefinitely

Popular subreddits will continue their blackout protests indefinitely, according to moderators from well-trafficked subreddits like r/awww, r/music, r/videos, r/futurology, r/apple, and r/NBA. The 48-hour protest was designed as a “proof of concept” but has been extended despite CEO Steve Huffman’s assurance that “Reddit would get through it” and “like all blowups on Reddit, this one will pass as well.” The demonstrations are in response to Reddit’s decision to hike API prices, leaving the company’s app as users’ only option and killing all third-party Reddit clients. Volunteer mods responded positively to the proposed extension. In contrast, a user suggested taking more drastic measures by allowing spammers and shitposters to turn Reddit to trash, but others argued that this move would impact the site’s image with any possible IPO attempt. U/SpicyThunder335 has advocated for common-sense measures for communities with urgent communication needs. These include a stickied announcement or a weekly gesture of support.

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