‘Quordle’ Today: Get Hints and Answers for June 10

This page provides hints and solutions for the game ‘Quordle’ to assist you in case the game is challenging. Not only are there hints, but the complete ‘Quordle’ solution is available at the bottom of this page. However, keep in mind that you may only need a strategy guide instead of all four answers. Scroll down the page, and whatever you need will be provided.

What is ‘Quordle’?

‘Quordle’ is a game that involves guessing a five-letter word, similar to ‘Wordle.’ However, each guess applies letters to four words simultaneously. Instead of the six guesses provided in ‘Wordle,’ ‘Quordle’ gives you nine opportunities to guess all four words correctly. It appears as though you are playing four ‘Wordle’ games at the same time, but it isn’t as daunting as it appears.

Is ‘Quordle’ harder than ‘Wordle’?

Yes, but not excessively so.

Where did ‘Quordle’ originate?

‘Quordle’ was introduced by creator Freddie Meyer on January 30th, who took inspiration from one of the first significant ‘Wordle’ descendants, ‘Dordle,’ which involves playing two ‘Wordles’ simultaneously. According to Meyer, who earns revenue through Patreon contributions, millions of daily users play ‘Quordle’ daily. His creation was covered by ‘The Guardian’ six days later.

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How do you pronounce ‘Quordle’?

The correct pronunciation is “Kwordle,” rhyming with “Wordle” and definitely not like “curdle.”

Is the strategy different in ‘Quordle’ compared to ‘Wordle’?

Yes and no.

Your strategy at the beginning of the game should be the same as it would be in ‘Wordle.’ If you already have a favorite word to start with when playing ‘Wordle,’ you can keep it when playing ‘Quordle.’ We recommend selecting a word rich in vowels and common letters like C, R, and N. However, when playing ‘Quordle,’ if you continue to play like ‘Wordle,’ you will begin to notice things getting chaotic after your first guess.

What strategy should you use in ‘Quordle’ that you don’t use in ‘Wordle’?

In ‘Wordle,’ solving the puzzle is usually done by changing one letter at a time. For example, if you have “-IGHT” as the first four letters, ‘MIGHT,’ ‘NIGHT,’ ‘LIGHT,’ and ‘SIGHT’ will likely be the solution. However, this may lead to losing in ‘Wordle,’ especially if you play on ‘hard mode.’ In ‘Quordle,’ the single-letter reduction technique is perilous, as it is not feasible to squander guesses unless you are, at the same time, eliminating as many letters as you can.

In ‘Wordle,’ randomly guessing a word you already know isn’t the solution just to eliminate letters you haven’t tried yet is not advisable. However, in ‘Quordle,’ it’s a typical aspect of a player’s strategic toolset.

How to obtain the answer quickly in ‘Quordle’?

In my experience, ‘Quordle’ can be a slow game, often taking longer than playing ‘Wordle’ four times. Nevertheless, a technique like a blunt-force guessing approach may be helpful. The following method works best if you want to know the answer without worrying about the fewest possible guesses:

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Try starting with specific words that will include all of the vowels (including Y) and some other common letters on the board. We’ve had success with the three words ‘NOTES,’ ‘ACRID,’ and ‘LUMPY.’ According to YouTuber DougMansLand, four words work: ‘CANOE,’ ‘SKIRT,’ ‘PLUMB,’ and ‘FUDGY.’

Since most of the alphabet will be eliminated, you’ll have only one or two chances to make a mistake if you use this method. However, most of the time, you will have all of the information required to solve the remaining words without any errors.

If strategies are not producing results, and you’re still stuck, here are some hints:

Are there any letters that occur twice in today’s ‘Quordle’ words?

Two words have twice-occurring letters, one of which is double.

Are any rare letters such as Q or Z used in today’s ‘Quordle’?

No rare letters are included.

What words do today’s ‘Quordle’ begin with?

The four words begin with the letters W, T, T, and E.

What are the answers to today’s ‘Quordle’?

Are you absolutely sure?

You have one more opportunity to turn back.

Okay, the answers are:

  1. WRUNG

  2. TROLL

  3. TAKER

  4. ELATE

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