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Apple Design Awards 2022 winners were announced by Apple at WWDC 2023. Among the winners were both premium and free iOS games and the well-known macOS game. In this article, we’ll introduce you to all of the winners.

WWDC 2023: Apple Design Awards Winners List


Afterplace, a retro-style RPG, won an Apple Design Award for its delightful fun gameplay. It is like an open-world Zelda style game without any heavy signposting. It has great characters and memorable dialogue. It arrived in December 2021 and became our Game of the Week when it was launched.

Visit the App Store here to see Afterplace.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap won an Apple Design Award for innovation with its innovative SNAP mechanic. It was featured as our iPhone Game of the Year.

Head over to the App Store here to check out the game.

ben brode marvel snap apple design award winner


Apple Arcade original stitch won an Apple Design Award for its inclusivity. It is a relaxing puzzle game with support for multiple languages and accessibility options. It was an excellent addition to Apple Arcade and worth trying if you have a subscription.

Check out stitch on Apple Arcade by clicking here.

stitch apple arcade puzzle game october 2022


Railbound won an Apple Design Award for interaction. It is a perfect puzzler for touchscreen controls that has a lovely aesthetic with many new puzzles added alongside a major update. If you like trains, it is a game that you must try.

You can find Railbound on the App Store

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