Reddit app developer says the site’s new API rules will cost him $20 million a year

The developer of the Reddit client Apollo has expressed concern over the recently-announced API pricing plan from Reddit. He claims that the changes would require him to spend millions of dollars to keep his app going as it is. In response, a Reddit spokesperson said that the company provided the developer with “pricing per 1,000 API calls, not a monthly bill.” However, the spokesperson declined to share further detail regarding the API pricing plan. The pricing has been designed to address the rise of AI companies that are using Reddit’s platform to train large language models. The developer of Apollo, Christian Selig, says he would need to pay $20 million to keep his app running under the new policy with 50 million requests costing $12,000. This pricing could make it unaffordable for independent app makers such as Apollo to continue providing services at their current rate.

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