Relive Taylor Swift’s many eras at the Museum of Arts and Design

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City is currently hosting an exhibition entitled Taylor Swift: Storyteller, which celebrates the famed musician’s various eras. Swift’s eras are defined by her music, as well as carefully crafted aesthetics created by her vivid imagery and iconic costuming. “It’s all things Taylor here all the time,” said MAD’s director Tim Rodgers. The exhibition showcases several of Swift’s outfits and props spanning her career, with information about who made them, when they were made, when they were worn, and when they were shown in the videos. MAD was able to curate the exhibition quickly because Swift has a full-time archivist on her team. They worked with the museum staff to create the exhibition. The exhibition attracts fans from across the country who are eager to admire the visual storytelling of Swift’s eras and recreate her iconic outfits. They even documented their trips on TikTok, creating a rich online fandom ecosystem.

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