Reviewing the Beautiful 9-quart TriZone Air Fryer by Drew Barrymore

After my oven broke down, I had to look for alternatives to prepare my meals. That’s when I tried the Beautiful 9-quart TriZone air fryer(opens in a new tab) by Drew Barrymore, and I can say it exceeded my expectations. This air fryer helped me prepare several meals, including roasted vegetables and reheat frozen items, and even made me more creative in the kitchen. Although it is a large appliance, it looks good on the countertop and is worthy of the space it takes.

This air fryer features a touchscreen display, cooking temperatures, and six different cooking functions including air fry, broil, roast, reheat, bake, and dehydrate. Its dual baskets separated by a center divider offer the convenience of preparing two separate dishes using different cooking methods simultaneously. This feature makes this particular air fryer great for cooking full meals as well as dishes that require different cooking times.

This air fryer also has a “reminder” button that alerts you to shake the basket when the food is two-thirds of the way cooked and a “sync” function that lets you sync up two different cooking times so that all foods are ready at the same time. These additional features confirm how well this appliance is thought-out.

The dual zone feature provides a 4.5-quart capacity per basket for up to four people, and the nine-quart capacity when using the entire basket during single-zone use. I can attest to the fact that it made my Mediterranean fried egg dish perfectly runny and lightly crisped cheese without leaving a mess.

The air fryer is also aesthetically pleasing, given its clean lines and comes in five different colors. However, its golden-brassy finish handles may not match some kitchen designs.

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Although the touch-activated screen is easy to operate, it may sometimes be finicky and require a few presses to register. However, the basket locks securely into place and opens or closes with ease, making it a well-made appliance.

The brand claims that the air fryer can feed up to nine people, but it is more suitable for small- to medium-sized families instead. Overall, the Beautiful 9-quart TriZone air fryer by Drew Barrymore is worth the investment for anyone in the market for a new air fryer.

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