Rick and Morty Fans Spot “COVID-19 Morty” in Season 5 Finale

Rick and Morty fans have spotted the “COVID-19” Morty in Season 5’s big finale! Following an extended hiatus, Adult Swim aired the final two episodes of the fifth season in a special one-hour event that changed the status quo for the series quite a bit. Not only did it start off with an emotional exploration of the titular duo’s central relationship, but the final episode of the season decided to blow that sky high with several major reveals about Rick and the lore of the fan favorite Adult Swim animated series as a whole.

The final episode of the season, “Rickmurai Jack,” finally deals with the rest of the series’ multiverse and has some major ramifications for the series’ future. With a return to the Citadel (and a return to Evil Morty), the season used this opportunity to show off a new group of variant Ricks and Mortys, and one of them ended up wearing a face mask. Which led many fans to dub him as “COVID-19” or “C-19” Morty. Check it out below as spotted by @JermiloGamingHD on Twitter:

The fifth season’s finale finally picked up on some major plot threads that had been lingering from earlier in the third season and this meant the series tackled its definition of the multiverse head on. Not only did it reveal that our understanding of the multiverse was a much smaller kind of condensed universe purposefully created by the Ricks, but is only a fraction of a greater collection of multiverses and potential universes beyond it.

This led to all kinds of new Ricks and Mortys, and one of these universes apparently also is impacted by the COVID-19 disease. Fans had noted how Morty isn’t wearing his face mask correctly, and how this Morty was one of the many first spotted during the Citadel episodes years prior. But now this Morty just carries that much more weight beyond being a simple sight gag in the background of some pretty wild events.

But what do you think seeing this COVID-19 version of Morty? What did you think of the fifth season’s final episodes overall? What are you hoping to see in future Rick and Morty seasons? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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