Rick and Morty’s Planetina Comes to Life Through Bodypaint Cosplay

Rick and Morty‘s newest fan favorite addition in Season 5, Planetina, has now come to life through some awesome body paint cosplay! The fifth season of the Adult Swim animated series is now at the cusp of its halfway point, and each episode so far has been dramatically different from one another. This was especially true for the series’ third episode, “A Rickconvenient Mort,” which has one of the most emotional endings for Morty in the series thus far. It was such a big deal that fans were definitely feeling for both he and Planetina by the end of it all.

The third episode introduced Morty to a new love interest, Planetina, who was an amalgam of elements (and notably a parody of Captain Planet and the Planeteers voiced by Community star Alison Brie) a few decades older than Morty, and the two of them quickly fell into a deep and intense relationship. Through the episode they found they were not right for one another, and Morty ended their relationship as the episode came to an end. All of these factors made Planetina a huge fan favorite, and now she’s been brought to life with some awesome cosplay from @natylikespizza on Instagram! Check it out below:

Planetina is only one of the wild new characters that we have been introduced to in the fifth season so far, but fans are already counting down the days until her potential return. The way she and Morty’s relationship came to an end might make that difficult, but there would likely be a lot of comedy one could mine from how awkward a reunion between these two could be. There are still several episodes left in the season, so who knows what could happen.

Rick and Morty is now airing new episodes for Season 5 on Adult Swim, Sunday evenings at 11:00PM EST. You can catch up with what’s premiered so far with the first episode now streaming completely for free on YouTube, and the follow up episodes streaming with Adult Swim as long as you have a cable subscription. If you wanted to check out the previous four seasons, you can now find them on HBO Max.

What did you think of Planetina’s debut in Rick and Morty‘s fifth season? Would you want to see her make a return in a future episode? Let us know all of your thoughts on Planetina and everything Rick and Morty in the comments!

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