Save $300 on iRobot’s Roomba j7+ Combo Vacuum Today!

If you’re tired of manually cleaning your floors, a robot vacuum is a game-changer, but often comes with a hefty price tag. Lucky for you, you can save big on iRobot’s Roomba j7+ combo vacuum at Wellbots. Normally priced at $1,099, you can use the code 300ENGADGET at checkout to save $300. This is a better deal than the $200 discount offered earlier this year and the all-time lowest price we’ve seen. One of our senior editors at smart home called this gadget a must-have.

If you prefer a different model, you can also take advantage of the following discount codes:

  • Roomba j7+ combo vacuum: use code 220ENGADGET and save $220. The final price will be $579.
  • Roomba j7 vacuum: use code 220ENGADGET and save $220. The new price is $379.
  • Roomba s9+ vacuum: use code 220ENGADGET and save $220. The final price will be $779.

The Roomba j7+ combo vacuum is unique in that it senses whether it needs to mop or vacuum and has an on-board mop pad for hard floors. It also comes with a clean base that sucks out the debris after each run. The Roomba j7, on the other hand, comes without the mop and is the runner-up mid-range vacuum in our guide. It also has a clean base and can map rooms, has an easy-to-use app and excellent obstacle avoidance. However, its cleaning process is loud.

If you’re a fan of premium gadgets, the Roomba s9+ vacuum is the way to go. It’s the best pick in our robot vacuum guide and comes with copper accents. Using the same code, you can get it for $779 instead of the original $999.

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Keep your home clean and tidy without sacrificing your precious time by purchasing a discounted Roomba vacuum today!

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