Street Fighter 6’s Modern Controls aren’t cheating – if you’re mad about them, you need to get training

The topic of Capcom’s latest revelation, “Modern Controls”, for Street Fighter 6 is causing quite a stir in the gaming community. The Modern Controls are designed to lower the execution barrier and simplify the Street Fighter experience and fit better on a controller. However, some gamers are upset about this change, claiming it’s cheating. The Modern Controls change the traditional input scheme as it replaces the three punch and kick buttons with a light button, a medium button, and a heavy button. Additionally, special moves are executed with a single button and direction, Smash Bros. style. Auto combos are another contentious point, which can be executed by holding the right trigger and hammering either light, medium, or heavy. Interestingly, optimum combo routes are not available with Modern Controls, and meter management can be frustrating. However, the game has been carefully balanced around this new feature, and characters have Combo Trials for both Modern and Classic control schemes. Furthermore, Modern Controls are situational, and players may choose to use them depending on the specific match or character. Some see this new control scheme as an opportunity for more players to engage in the game, while others view it as just another obstacle to overcome. Ultimately, Modern Controls shouldn’t be feared by veteran players, and it is erroneous to mark those who choose to use them as “auto-combo scrubs.” In the end, Modern Controls are valid and part of the fighting game meta, just like any other change in mechanical systems seen in previous years.

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