Taylor Swift And BTS Can Sell Physical Albums Like No One Else In The Music Industry

Even before MRC Data released its annual midyear report that details how the music industry is doing and lists which songs and albums are performing especially well, it wasn’t a stretch to claim that Taylor Swift and BTS were two of the most successful artists in the U.S. business. While nobody would argue that claim, it’s helpful to have proof of these labels, and to be a bit more specific.

According to that just-released report, Swift and BTS are the only two acts to score not one, but two of the top 10 bestselling physical albums in the U.S. in the first half of 2021. While many acts still aren’t able to sell very well (as their fans prefer to stream the music they love), these two chart-toppers are able to rack up six-digit sales figures with several different releases in just six months, which speaks to their immense popularity and the dedication of their fan bases.

Swift’s Evermore is the bestselling album on physical formats of 2021, at least so far, as the surprise release has already moved 320,000 copies. The title, which followed Folklore and popped up just weeks before 2020 ended, has sold exceptionally well on all formats, including CD and especially vinyl.

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The Grammy winner actually claims three spaces on the list of the 10 bestselling physical albums in the U.S. this year, making her the most successful act. In addition to ruling over the list, the country/pop/alternative superstar also appears at Nos. 4 and 5 with Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Folklore, respectively. The former set, a re-recorded take on her sophomore full-length, has sold 147,000 copies, while her first No. 1 album of 2020, Folklore, has already sold another 136,000 copies, even though it was a bestseller last year as well.

BTS’s name appears at both Nos. 6 and 10, and they have sold well over 200,000 CDs (and other formats) between their most recent releases. Be, which was also released in December, has sold 125,000 copies. The septet’s Map of the Soul: 7 has sold an additional 105,000 copies in the first six months of 2021, which is impressive considering it was also a massive seller last year and that it was released in the first quarter of 2020, meaning it is almost a year and a half old at this point.

Sandwiched in between popular efforts by BTS and Swift are full-lengths from the likes of Harry Styles, Carrie Underwood, Queen and even fellow South Korean superstars NCT.

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