The Bestselling Albums In Korea This Week

In many Western markets, BTS’s latest release is going to be counted solely as a single, but in South Korea, extremely short projects, called single albums, are popular. That difference has helped the biggest band in the world earn yet another No. 1 on the country’s Gaon Albums chart, which ranks the bestselling full-lengths, EPs and single albums in South Korea every week, looking at how many copies were shipped to stores.

BTS’s newly-released Butter single album opens at No. 1 with what is surely a massive first-week sales sum. According to Hanteo, the four-track set sold more than one million copies in just its first day of availability, and it likely performed similarly under Gaon’s methodology.

Butter is one of half a dozen titles that debut inside the top 10 on this week’s Gaon Albums chart.

New at No. 2 is Turn Over by SF9. The South Korean boy group’s latest EP is their first release of 2021 and it marks their twelfth trip to the top 10 on the Gaon Albums chart and their second time stalling in the runner-up rung. Somehow, they have never risen all the way to No. 1 on the tally. 

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NCT Dream fills the next two spots on the Gaon Albums chart, and with the same title. The band’s Hello Future, a reissuing of their debut full-length Hot Sauce, dips one rung to No. 4, while the kit version of the set, which is counted separately, is new at No. 3. It’s not often any one name occupies a pair of spaces inside the upper half of the top 10, and these placements speak to the group’s immense popularity.

Back inside the top five is Seventeen’s Your Choice, which lifts to No. 5 from No. 7.

Even of Day, the first sub-unit of Day6, is back on the Gaon Albums chart with their sophomore EP Right Through Me, which arrives at No. 6. The band, which features three members from Day6, has previously risen as high as No. 3.

(G)I-dle singer, songwriter and rapper Jeon So-yeon makes a splashy debut on this week’s Gaon Albums chart with her first solo project, an EP titled Windy. The five-song set opens at No. 7. The girl group has now broken into the top 10 with four releases, so Jeon So-yeon earns her milestone fifth appearance in the region this frame.

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Monsta X rockets back into the uppermost tier on the Gaon Albums chart this week with their most recent title One Of A Kind. The set has already spent quite a few frames inside the top 10, and as it started to drop, it lifts more than 80 spaces to settle at No. 8, proving the band can sell albums in massive numbers at almost any point.

Brand new boy group Letteamor launches their first proper release, an EP titled Wish, at No. 9, apparently entering the loftiest arena on the Gaon Albums chart for the first time. 

Closing out the top 10 on this week’s Gaon Albums list is Loona’s [&], which falls several spaces from where it ranked last time around, and it may depart the region next frame.

Here are the 10 bestselling albums in South Korea this week.

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No. 1 – BTS – Butter

No. 2 – SF9 – Turn Over

No. 3 – NCT Dream – Hello Future – Kit Version

No. 4 – NCT Dream – Hello Future

No. 5 – Seventeen – Your Choice

No. 6 – Even Of Day – Right Through Me

No. 7 – Jeon So-yeon – Windy

No. 8 – Monsta X – One Of A Kind

No. 9 – Letteamor – Wish

No. 10 – Loona – [&]

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