‘The Idol’ episode 2: The most surprising moments from ‘Double Fantasy’

Sunday nights are no longer just about watching our favorite media dynasty, as we are now at the mercy of Sam Levinson and Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) on Max’s The Idol

Even those who are not watching the show due to its controversies detailed in a Rolling Stone exposé(opens in a new tab) are not free from the discussions it generates. 


Can Jennie Ruby Jane save ‘The Idol’ from itself?

Here are the most surprising moments from the latest episode titled “Double Fantasy.” From Izaak’s (Moses Sumney) shock collar to that “sex” scene, there was a lot going on.

“World Class Sinner” (Tedros’s Version)

The episode begins with Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) playing her team the remix of her upcoming single, “World Class Sinner,” she and Tedros (Tesfaye) made after hours in the previous episode. It’s a terrible remix with high-pitched moans punctuating the beats, and Jocelyn is unabashedly gyrating to it.

Safe to say that Tedros’s talents for hit-making don’t translate to Tedros.

Jocelyn and the ice glass

If the remix wasn’t terrible enough, then Jocelyn masturbates to it by grinding against a glass filled with ice. The glass broke, cutting her inner thighs. (The horrors keep mounting.) In another unsettling scene, the cuts are airbrushed in the music video’s final cut.

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Tedros’s rattail

Perhaps the creepiest moment of the episode is when Chloe (Suzanna Son) braids Tedros’s rattail while he talks to Jocelyn on the phone. The less screen time that thing gets, the better. 

Jocelyn’s feet

After repeatedly messing up her music video dance sequence, Jocelyn takes a break and removes her silver stilettos. Her feet are a bloody mess covered in bandaids. Then she has to put her mangled feet back into the shoes and go back to filming. Yikes.

Izaak’s shock collar

Halfway through the episode, we briefly see what Tedros is doing behind the scenes. We see Izaak dancing sensually in metallic gold shorts in front of numerous bodies laying around him. Tedros sits back in a booth, coaching him. He says, “Make them believe you want to f*ck them.” Things get even more intense when Tedros demands Izaak go lower, and when he doesn’t, Tedros activates a shock collar around Izaak’s neck. This confirms that Tedros is running some sort of sex cult. 

“No one is a better f*ck than you, baby”

Tedros utters these words to, gasp, Dyanne (Blackpink’s Jennie) in a major reveal of the episode. It looks like Joceyln’s best friend is out to betray her.

Tedros’s dirty talk

The final 10 minutes of the episode are devoted to Jocelyn and Tedros having sex, with Tedros watching Jocelyn present herself to him while he watches her unblinking from across the room and narrates his desires. He says disturbing things such as, “Let me see those t*tties” and “f*ckin’ stretch that tiny, little p*ssy, baby.” Tesfaye’s line delivery has all the sex appeal of a retainer. Not to mention this is all happening while Chloe watches them from inside a closet.

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Was this supposed to be sexy?

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