The Lines Continue To Widen For The Controversial YouTuber

Tyron Woodley has had a successful combat sports career, winning the UFC welterweight title and then defending it four times against some of MMA’s top talent. But he’s still the decided underdog for Sunday’s boxing match vs. Jake Paul, and the betting odds for the controversial YouTube star continue to widen as the match draws near.

As of Friday evening, about 48 hours before the two meet in the ring on Showtime PPV, Paul was the -225 favorite (bet $225 to win $100) at Bet 365 with Woodley as the +162 underdog (win $162 on a $100 wager). For comparison’s sake, Paul is -185 at Bovada with Woodley at +145, and at, Paul is -190 with Woodley at +165.

Wherever you go, though, the oddsmakers are in agreement that Paul, who is 3-0 with 3 KOs, is the favorite to beat Woodley, who’s making his pro boxing debut.

“It’s going to be another show on Sunday. I’m putting on another masterful performance and a boxing clinic,” Paul said this week. “This guy is going to sleep and getting turned into another meme. Just like his friend Ben Askren. After Sunday, nobody is ever going to talk about Woodley ever again. He’s a speed bump on the road of my career.”

Originally, when the fight was first announced earlier in the summer, the odds were in flux. At some online sportsbooks, Paul was about a -150 favorite. At others, Woodley was actually the favorite.

In late July, for a short period of time, Woodley climbed all the way to -240. But since then, Paul has been in the -175 to -225 neighborhood.

Late this week, more bets had been placed on Woodley, but the majority of the money actually wagered was for Paul.

As noted by Oddschecker spokesman Kyle Newman, 80.3% of the bets placed in mid-August were for Paul. But lately, Woodley’s share of the bets rose from 14.6% to 55.9% in the middle of this week. While Paul’s actual odds continue to grow shorter, more and more bettors are beginning to warm to Woodley.

“This change had been coming. For the last weeks, Woodley had been picking up momentum on the betting market,” Newman said. “While he’s still the clear underdog based on the odds and money placed, Woodley has finally moved in front as the bettors’ favorite for the first time in well over a month. We saw a similar betting pattern ahead of his fight with Ben Askren, only for Paul to win the fight. We’ll see if this fight ends up the same.” 


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