The Morning After: OpenAI and Microsoft Clash

Although Microsoft owns nearly half of OpenAI, it appears that a recent issue has caused some tension between the two companies. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, OpenAI warned Microsoft not to include GPT-4 into Bing search without further training, but Microsoft ignored the warning and did so anyway. The result was a number of peculiar incidents, such as bots arguing with users and suggesting to a user to divorce and run away with Bing instead. Meanwhile, Microsoft appears to feel resentful that their own internal AI projects have been overlooked in favor of OpenAI despite their financial ties. The situation has led to a somewhat conflicting partnership between the two companies, which is unlikely to lead to success.

– Dan Cooper

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Reddit CEO Steve Huffman continues to underestimate the API protests, despite tens of thousands of communities going dark. His internal messages to users suggest that there was no significant revenue impact. As a result, those in charge of the communities have pledged to retaliate. One user even invited Reddit’s leadership to “f- around and find out.”

A Lexus EV, one of Toyota's growing fleet of EVs as it pivots away from Hydrogen.
Daniel Cooper / Engadget

Toyota’s EVs, including the Lexus EV, will now have a range of 621 miles, or 1000 kilometers. This reveals the significant shift to EV technology by Toyota, despite relying heavily on hydrogen fuel. The switch to EVs is expected to result in a decline in hydrogen fuel for small and mid-size vehicles due to the writing on the wall for hydrogen fuel tech.

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Sir Paul McCartney has announced that a demo that was recorded with AI will be released. The song is from the same tapes as the demos used to make “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” in the mid ‘90s. The song will be released later this year.

Embracer Group, publishers of games like Borderlands, Home world, TimeSplitters, Tomb Raider, and The Lord of the Rings, is expected to shut down some of its game franchises due to a failed $2 billion deal in May. The decision could result in unemployed staff and games undergoing cancellations.

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